Easy Tiger [Eat]

The past weekend I went to Austin to visit my sister-in-law. She suggested having brunch on Sunday at Easy Tiger since she lives right around the corner. She had mentioned this place before and when visiting San Antonio she brought a baguette from there.

The place is really nice, it is a bake shop and beer garden. They also make all their bread and meats in house, which makes it even better. They have three locations in Austin and they try to source locally whenever it's possible. We ordered the mimosa service for $20! I mean you need mimosas or you didn't brunch at all. I ordered the fruit and yogurt to begin with and then the  Croque Madame (Pain de Mie, Smoked Ham, Gruyère, Bechamel, Dijon Mustard, Sunny Egg). It was amazing! The bread was good, the ham was good, everything tasted delicious. I thought it was not going to enough food but it was! I wanted a dessert but had no more room. Instead, I bought one of their cute mugs from their merch shop.  So, if you happen to be in town and craving brunch, this is a great option.
Here is the brunch menu.

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