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After visiting Mexico City, we flew into Zacatecas where the wedding was taking place. Zacatecas is a colonial small town with beautiful landscapes and cobblestone streets. You can see hills and a lot of color throughout the town.  We stayed there for 2 days and here is a small guide in case you plan to go.

Our friends suggested three different hotels Emporio, Santa Rita, and El Meson de Jobito. After reviewing them, I really like El Meson de Jobito because of its colors and how unique the hotel looked in pictures. This hotel used to be a "vecindad" or neighborhood. You can tell by the way it is distributed. The rooms are a bit old but very nice and spacious. Plus, everything is close to the location. This is a 5-star hotel and ranges around $80-$100 a night.

You can request a tour asking at your hotel. They will provide transportation and a guided tour. I went with a big group of friends and we paid about $22 bucks for the whole tour.
Cerro de la Bufa. They took us to "Cerro (Hill) de la Bufa"  where you can admire the city's landscape and learn a bit more about the history and culture of this town. They also have a zip line if you like to experience extreme sports! Make sure to try the "chapulines" they are roasted grasshoppers and the buñuelos made with honey outside the chaple.
Gondola Lift. After staying a while at Cerro de la Bufa you go down on a gondola lift, which is one of the main attractions in Zacatecas. You can admire the city from this small car and if you are afraid of heights well, try to not look down.
Mina el Eden. Zacatecas is well known for its mines. You must visit "Mina El Eden". Our tour guide made sure to answer all of our questions and explained how in ancient times people would have to carry the mine rocks up in a ladder. It is very impressive and it is worth visiting.
Tour around the City. The last stop was hopping into a double-decker tour bus. Our tour guide took us to all the landmarks and we even stopped at a local restaurant to try the typical food.
Callejoneada. One of the weddings activities was traditional callejoneada. Which is walking through the city's alleys following a music band, the bride and groom and a donkey that carries all the mezcal! Speaking of alleys, you must try to visit all the alleys located downtown. They are decorated with different themes.
Vineyards. Yes, Zacatecas also counts with amazing vineyards. The wedding took place in a vineyard and the wine was delicious. Make sure to visit Tierra Adentro and tour the vineyards and of course ask for wine tasting.

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