Seattle [Travel] Guide

Last week I visited Seattle, Washington. This city is also, called the Emerald City because of its green landscape! It rains almost every day and the temperature is amazing! I really enjoyed this place and I am hoping to go back sooner, rather than later. I was there on a business trip, so my time was limited. These are a few things I was able to do while in Seattle.
Since I was going for work we had to stay somewhere near downtown. So, we opt for the Renaissance Hotel, located at 515 Madison Street. Everything is pretty much walking distance from there, at least the most touristy places. Like Market Place, the Waterfront/Ferry, Restaurants, Space Needle, etc...

Since this was a business trip, we had to really use our time wisely and to do that we booked two FREE walking tours. The first one was Seattle 101 and like any 101 courses, it teaches you the basics of the city. Like, how it was founded, where it started, why was it build the way it is, among many other cool facts! I really recommend this tour. The second walking tour was the Market Experience. We walked through many front stores and had samples of their merchandise and really appreciate how they support their local businesses. Like any FREE tour, it is highly encouraged to leave a tip, since that's what they do for a living. Once we were done with the tours we had to see the space needle (just from the outside) and of course the Chihuly Gardens! This museum is a MUST! 100% recommended. You will see many of Chihuly's breathtaking pieces.

There are so many options to eat, you will wish to stay a whole year, just to try out everything! Here are the places I had the chance to try.
Din Tai Fung.  Before heading to Seattle I made sure to research good places to eat! Since I am a sucker for Asian cuisine I really wanted to try this dim sum place. I read it won a Micheline star at their Hong Kong branch in 2010. So, I made reservations. The soup dumplings are made fresh! You can see the cooks making them from a glass window they have in the front. I would recommend ordering the pork soup dumplings, the vegetable fried rice, and the green beans!
Pink Door. This place a gem! If you are into Italian food and acrobatic performance you are in luck! Located at the post alley this place offers "unpretentious escape from every day with a classic, produce-driven menu, a convivial atmosphere fueled by warm, friendly staff, and entertainment such as trapeze, cabaret, music, and tarot." Make sure to make reservations in advance, since it's a pretty busy restaurant. Read more here.
Piroshky Piroshky Bakery. If you are walking through Pike Place Street, you can't miss this Bakery. The delicious smell of cinnamon and sugar drives hundreds of people to this place. You must try one of their pastries. Try to get there early since it gets pretty packed.

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