Floral Blazers Under $40

Flowers are in full bloom right now, as you may see! Weather is just amazing in San Antonio and everyone is getting ready for Fiesta! You can say it really feels like spring. Since Fiesta is around the corner and the weather is perfect, I decided to wear my floral blazer. Plus, I look festive!  (Fiesta is a huge deal in San Antonio).

Vintage Shopping [Steal]

I have been wanting to thrift/vintage shop for a while. I guess watching Nasty Gal inspired me. I used to do it all the time when I was in college. Nowadays we buy everything online and makes your life easier. But sometimes it's fun to go treasure hunting. I will share with you my experience and some tips in case you are thinking about doing it too!

Spring Obsessions [Splurge vs Steal]

Spring Dress, Spring Obsessions, Splurge vs Steal, wrap dress outfit

You all know that I LOVE finding "STEALS" but I also think that when you really like an item you should SPLURGE! I am not going to lie, 90% of the time I shop the steals! Today is not the exception! I listed all my Spring Obsessions and created a Steal vs Splurge chart. I will let you decided whether you want to splurge or get the steal! Since I am wearing several items from the chart I will also review them.
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