Floral Blazers Under $40

Flowers are in full bloom right now, as you may see! Weather is just amazing in San Antonio and everyone is getting ready for Fiesta! You can say it really feels like spring. Since Fiesta is around the corner and the weather is perfect, I decided to wear my floral blazer. Plus, I look festive!  (Fiesta is a huge deal in San Antonio).

I have had this blazer for almost 4 years. I usually wear it when I have a meeting or I feel like dressing more business casual. I bought it at, Nordtrom Rack and it was under $40.  It is super comfortable and lightweight, perfect for springtime. I personally love the colors. I wore it with my wide leg denim and these mules that I love. I'm also wearing my awesome steal find from the thrift store, which was featured in the last post. My mini Zucca Fendi bag. It was a little rough but I cleaned it and sowed it from the inside and it's like brand new!

I was not going to write a blog about floral blazers but since I saw this amazing flower wall (which made me literally stop and smell the flowers) and then realized I was wearing a floral blazer,  I couldn't pass the opportunity. Since my blazer is old, I decided to look for new ones that are under $40 in case you are looking for one.

1. Zulily // 2. Target // 3. Shein // 4. ASOS // 
5. Nordstrom Rack // 6. Boohoo //  7. Shein // 8. Boohoo

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