Vintage Shopping [Steal]

I have been wanting to thrift/vintage shop for a while. I guess watching Nasty Gal inspired me. I used to do it all the time when I was in college. Nowadays we buy everything online and makes your life easier. But sometimes it's fun to go treasure hunting. I will share with you my experience and some tips in case you are thinking about doing it too!
I like thrift shopping because it is always fun to find cool stuff at a super low price. Also, you always end up finding unique things that probably no one else will have. This past weekend I went to my neighborhood Thrift Store, Thrift City, here in San Antonio. Although I don't live in a cool city like LA or NY I can say I found pretty cool stuff! My favorite finding was this mini Fendi Zucchino shoulder bag. It was only "drum roll" $3.99 !!!!! YES! I can't believe it! But I guess it was luck.

Here are some tips:
1.- Do not care about what other people think about you shopping used stuff. I know people that have TONS of money and shop there and I also know people that shop there because of necessity. Either way who are they to judge?
2.- Stick to coats, tops, jackets, sweaters, scarfs, bags and things that are easy to wash. (do not buy underwear, swimsuits or active wear).
3.- ALWAYS WASH everything you buy, once you get home.
4.- If you find something really cool and perhaps it doesn't fit. Buy it! You can always lose/gain weight or sell it on Poshmark, Tradesy, Thredup etc..
5.- Have a budget and prove yourself!

I was lucky enough to find also a super cute vintage sweatshirt, a silk scarf (which are my favorite) and a not so vintage cardigan. I spent a total of $18. I loved everything I found and I will probably be back soon to look for more treasures!

I am actually wearing all the things I bought! I like to create outfits. If you want to keep buying online here are some consignment and thrift shops where you can sell/buy: Poshmark, Tradesy, The Real Real, Thredup, ASOS Marketplace. In my opinion, it is always more exciting to do it the traditional way!

If you've thrift shop before, what has been your greatest finding?

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