DIY Cactus Pot [Steal]

Last week I went to my local supermarket and saw a $2 plant sale! I wanted to buy them all, but first I had to make sure I was capable of keeping one alive. I liked a small furry cactus. I took him home and wanted to water him and then noticed that the pot was cracked. I had a plastic container that I recycled from some chopped fruit that I bought. I placed the cactus in the container and then had the idea of buying metallic spray paint, to make it look fancier. 

I headed over to Hobby Lobby and bought the paint for only $3 [I had a 40% off coupon].  
I wanted to share this great steal with you and also encourage to recycle! 

This is what you will need for the DIY Cactus Pot:

  • Recycled container
  • Krylon Foil Metallic Spray Paint (for a metallic finish) 
  • Plant 
  • Gloves (if you buy a cactus)

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