Texas Wine Country [Travel]

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As some of you may know, last week was my birthday! So, I decided to celebrate it drinking wine! Texas has beautiful vineyards, located north of San Antonio near Fredericksburg, TX. That area is called Texas Wine Country.  Me and some family members decided to experience the whole wine tour. We went to Grape Creek, which is my favorite vineyard in the hill country.

The weather was perfect! We got there at 1:00 pm and our tour was schedule for 1:30 pm. For $30 you get a tour with explanation, a wine glass and a private tasting. Their wine is delicious! You can become a member of their Wine Club and get wine delivered to your door, every month! Also, they have a trattoria where you can eat, or you can bring your own hors d'oeuvre. 
We had a great time! If you like wine and want to learn more about how it is produced, I totally recommend you to visit Grape Creek. It is a great experience. Plus, you will appreciate wine even more! 

For more information, visit, www.grapecreek.com 


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