Silk Scarf as a Hair Tie? Yes, No, Maybe So?

How do you feel about wearing a silk scarf as a hair tie? Last time I wore one was about 18 years ago! OMG, that makes me feel old! I remember wearing my smiley face silk scarf on my ponytail all the time! Back in the 90's when the peace and love sign, smiley faces and flower power were a thing. Well, it seems like the bows are coming back! Maybe the smiley faces too! ha!
 Remember the silk scarf I bought at the thrift store? I have been using it a lot! I love that it is silk and it is not too big, not too small, it is a perfect size. I also love the colors, it matches with anything. I usually get bored with my hair. I can't wear braids or any updo because my hair is still kind of short. I wanted to add an extra something to my boring ponytail. That is when I saw my silk scarf and just tied it on to my ponytail.

I think it looks super cute! Plus, it will make your basic outfit look stylish. I am wearing all-black, even my sunglasses. I like how the silk scarf looks tied in my ponytail. The best part is that it is pretty effortless and it is a hair trend in 2018. Click here to read all about this trend.

I was not sure about wearing big earrings, but then I tried them on and liked them! They are GraceStone from the tassel collection. I love how the complete outfit looks. How about my Fendi bag from the thrift store? My pride and joy! Ha!


Top: Sugar Lips  // Denim: Levi's // Sunglasses: Amazon Dupe (YSL real ones here) // 
Silk Scarf: Vintage (similar here and here) // Bag: Vintage (similar here) // Shoes: Sorel 

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