The Granary Cue & Brew [Eat]

I had lunch at the Granary a few weeks ago. I was there with my coworkers. We ordered a few items to share in the middle. They ordered beans, potato salad, brisket, pulled pork, turkey, and salad (for the vegan folks). I had been there before but I do not remember being so delicious.
The pulled pork was my favorite item! It tasted like Mexican "carnitas". It just reminded me of my hometown "Carnitas" called "El Sendero". God, I miss them! The BBQ sauce is amazing! I also had a little of the other meats. The brisket was really tender and juicy. The turkey was smoked and tasted really good. I could not eat anymore because I also had some of the sides. The potato salad had chunks of bacon so you can imagine the sweet flavor. The beans were good, (I do not love baked beans, I am more of a charro bean girl. I like my beans salty not sweet) but they also had chunks of bacon which made them taste even better. Since we have a few vegetarians at work they also ordered a salad with vegan dressing. I want to say that it was really good, perfect to balance all the carbs. 

There was a lot of leftovers so I took home some salad and pulled pork. That night I had "Chipotle Salad bowl" with carnitas. I already had some beans and I just grilled some veggies. It was also amazing after reheating it. 

If you like BBQ this place is a must in San Antonio. Although "Smoke Shack" keeps being my favorite! I will definitely go back and order some more of that delicious pulled pork! They also have tons of draft beers and wine! If you are near the Pearl and craving BBQ, stop by. The Granary is located at 602 Avenue A, San Antonio, TX 78215. By the way, they are closed on Monday's and Sunday's and they have Happy Hour from 4-5:30pm.

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