Lilac and Navy [Steal]

Lilac and Navy, Pastel Colors, Spring Outfit, One color Outfit, Valentino Dupe
Now that spring is around the corner I felt the need to use my lilac wool pants. These wool pants are from J. Crew but I got them while thrifting. You guys voted 59% YES on these pastel color pants. After having them for a few weeks, I finally used them. I paired them with a satin top that was also thrifted. This top is almost the same pastel color as the pants and it kind of looks like a pajama top. I have worn this top several times, you can see it on my Instagram feed. I added this Patrizia Pepe navy jacket which I got at the 90% off sale from Yoox. I love how these two colors look. I found similar pants starting at $9.

Sterling and Beringer - Day 2 [Napa Travel Guide]

Napa Valley,  Sterling Vineyard, Beringer Vineyard, Napa Travel Guide

On the second day, we woke up really early and visited Sterling Vineyards first.


Castello di Amorosa -Day One [Napa Travel Guide]

I just came back from Napa, I was there for a bachelorette trip. I had such an amazing time! Drinking wine and most importantly spending time with my girlfriends! I know Napa sounds too relaxing for a bachelorette trip, but let me just say "this is 30".  In this post, I will show you what we did the first full day in Napa. We visited Castello di Amorosa and had dinner at Gott's Roadside restaurant. Next week I will post about my second day in Napa!

Green Sweater & Striped Pants [Steal]

I have been looking for a green sweater for a while but could never find the exact green tone I wanted. Until one day, while thrifting I found this knitted emerald green sweater. **It was polled and 75% of you guys voted YES**. I instantly imagined a number of outfits where this green sweater would be the focal point! I wanted to wear it with a pair of lavender pants, trying to make a bolder statement, but when I tried it on I wasn't feeling it.

Orange Vintage Blazer [Steal]

Orange Jacket, Orange Blazer Outfit, Orange and Black Outfit, Escada Blazer, Escada Vintage

I scored this amazing Escada vintage blazer at a thrift shop! I was drawn by the color, the fabric and then when I saw it was Escada I couldn't dare to put it back. I can tell is vintage because of the shoulder pads and it was designed by the late Margaretha Ley. I actually polled the blazer and it was voted 50% YES. After taking it to the dry cleaner the blazer looks like new! I am so glad I bought it.

Red and Pink [Steal]

Pink and Red outfit, pink pants, red top, pink pants and red top
I usually don't wear two bold colors at the same time. I always try to balance it with neutrals. Today, I decided to mix red and pink, right on time for Valentine's Day! I love how these two colors look together and make me want to keep on mixing more bold colors together.

Oversize Plaid Blazer [steal]

Oversize Plaid Blazers
I've been liking blazers a lot lately. Maybe because I see them all over my Instagram and love how they look! I've learned that having different color blazers has helped me get ready faster. You just throw in some jeans and a t-shirt and you have an effortless outfit that looks pretty stylish!

Guillermo's [Eat]

My husband invited me to lunch last week, he suggested several places near my office one being Guillermo's. He always swears by one of his coworker's recommendation, which is pretty accurate, most of the times. I've passed through that place so many times and I was always curious to stop by, but never did.

Tweed "Jacket" [Steal]

Tweed Jacket, Tweed Jacket Outfit, Studded Bag, Studded Shoes Outfit, White Pants, Winter Outfit,

When I see tweed the only thing that comes into my mind is Chanel! Crazy how this type of fabric became so iconic for that brand. I read that Mademoiselle Chanel got inspired by his boyfriend's tweed jacket in 1924. Still, Chanel produces the same style, a piece that I believe will never go out of fashion. Enough with the history lessons. Since this blog was created to find affordable pieces I want to share with you this tweed "jacket", although it is very far from being Chanel, I think it looks very nice!

White and Lavender [Steal]

I am starting off this year with a cute color combo! Lavender and White Denim. I bought this top at Buffalo Exchange, it was voted 64% yes! I added a Chanel Pin to make it look more elegant. I really like this color and love how it looks with white. For 2019 I am going to try and wear more colorful things and try to combine them as much as possible. Making it seem I have a big closet.
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