Turn your Closet into Cash with The Real Real

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Have you heard about The Real Real? I first learned about them through the many fashion bloggers I follow on Instagram. The Real Real is an online luxury consignment store. They are well known for having experts inspect every item they sell/buy, to ensure they are 100% authentic. I have bought several items that I absolutely adore, including my Fendi Baguette Bag in the picture above. The cool thing is that I can always sell it back to them through their White Glove Service. It's like recycling luxury goods! Plusit's good to know that when you buy and sell used goods you are being sustainable and helping the environment. With that in mind, I partnered up with them to tell you all about my experience with their White Glove service.


Dress over Pants Style Challenge [Mix & Match]

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Ever since I bought a see-through dress from ZARA and wore it over pants, I have been trying to style all my other dresses. I love dresses but it's always more comfortable to wear pants. Plus, my office is always freezing so I have an excuse. I went on Pinterest for ideas and found a lot of street style using the dress over pants, especially during fall/winter. One of my favorite style icon being Leandra Medine. I have always loved people that dress effortless and look amazing! She is the perfect example.

Swimsuits for All Body Types [Steal]

I try to visit the beach every year, this year is not the exception. I try to buy at least one new swimsuit. Last year for my bachelorette trip, I bought several swimsuits, which weren't quite flattering. I started thinking about which style would fit better, so I researched my body type. I found that the most common female body types are Apple, Banana, Pear, and Hourglass. To find out which is your body type click here.

Botika: Peruvian-Asian Fusion [Eat]

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After trying Chef Jose Andres', restaurant China Chilcano during my trip to D.C. I was craving those amazing Peruvian-Asian fusion flavors so much. I started thinking if there is anything similar here in San Antonio, and then I remembered Botika!

Embroidered Mesh Tops [Steal]

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This past weekend my father in law celebrated his birthday. We went over to his house and watched the World Cup final game. We spent all day there and then they planned to go get early dinner. I woke up early that day and my husband made me change my outfit to something blue since he was rooting for France. I grabbed the first thing in my closet and changed.

A Day in Washington DC [Travel]

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I went to Washington DC on a business trip. Although I was there for 4 days if I add the hours I explored the city between days I think it adds up to a day. My first impression of the city was, clean, organized, cultured and green. The weather was hot in the day and got cooler at night. If you are planning a trip to Washington here are four things I recommend to do.


Vegan Rice Crispy Treats [Eat]

Vegan Rice Crispy Treats
I can't believe 4th of July is upon us. I have the perfect recipe for whether you are hosting or going to a party. This is the most simple recipe ever. The trick is finding vegan marshmallows. As you may know, marshmallows contain gelatine. Gelatine is made from animal bones and collagen, the most common source being pigskin. That sounds a bit gross, even though I love taquitos al pastor!

Gingham Tops Under $20 [Steal]

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Gingham has been trending for a while and every time I see something with that print I am attracted to it for some reason. I have in my closet three tops with black gingham print, all different styles. But last week I was scrolling through ShopBob and saw this cute top from Madewell. It was on sale for $68. I always try to search for a lower price before buying anything (unless the price is already low). I literally copied the item description and googled it. I found the exact top at Madewell for only $20. This item is out of stock but I found similar ones at the same price and/or lower.


Banana Oatmeal Cookies [Eat] Vegan Friendly

vegan banana oatmeal cookies
During the week I try to go to the gym in the mornings. I usually make sure to have everything ready the night before and sleep as much as I can. I pack my breakfast and lunch, but sometimes I don't have time. This is when these Banana Oatmeal breakfast cookies come in handy.

The Jumpsuit Trend [Steal] Under $40

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Jumpsuits, either you love them or hate them! I remember when I was little my mom used to make me wear them. Back then my mom used to call them "payasitos" (I am putting my hand in my face as we speak). Yes, and I used to HATE them. I remember being at a birthday party or "piƱata" playing and running around, holding it because it was a hassle going to the restroom.

Ocho by Havana [Eat]

Ocho is a very unique eatery which is located inside the chic Hotel Havana. The place is in a glass conservatory overlooking the River Walk and serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night snacks. They serve a mix of Mexican, Cuban, and Texan cuisine.

A Weekend in New Orleans [Travel]

Planning a weekend trip to NOLA? What to do? Where to eat? Where to go? Here some good places and things to do during your weekend trip to New Orleans.

Packing for Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner and I will be traveling to New Orleans. My husband and I love this place so much because it has a lot of exciting things to do; awesome food, music, gambling, art, history, and it is just a vibrant city with a lot to offer. Plus, we got engaged there.

The Granary Cue & Brew [Eat]

I had lunch at the Granary a few weeks ago. I was there with my coworkers. We ordered a few items to share in the middle. They ordered beans, potato salad, brisket, pulled pork, turkey, and salad (for the vegan folks). I had been there before but I do not remember being so delicious.

Silk Scarf as a Hair Tie? Yes, No, Maybe So?

How do you feel about wearing a silk scarf as a hair tie? Last time I wore one was about 18 years ago! OMG, that makes me feel old! I remember wearing my smiley face silk scarf on my ponytail all the time! Back in the 90's when the peace and love sign, smiley faces and flower power were a thing. Well, it seems like the bows are coming back! Maybe the smiley faces too! ha!

Brunching at Cappy's [Eat]

Last weekend was fiesta and if you live in San Antonio, you know that it is a big deal! The city shuts down and we all party! Well, I had a very eventful weekend with my husband, family, and friends. On Friday, we were all off from work and headed to the cactus show at the Botanical Gardens. After that we headed to La Fonda had a couple of margaritas and had a delicious lunch. I wish I would've taken better pictures, but I was having so much fun with my mother in law, aunt, and hubby that I missed the opportunity of taking any good pics. Well, I know I am making this a long story, but La Fonda and Cappy's are owned by the same family, and they are both delicious.

Floral Print Palazzos under $30

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Last week I went to TJMaxx looking for a gift and I ended up buying stuff for me and forgot to buy the gift! I bought two pairs of floral print pants! I bought the red one that is on my Instagram feed and this one this green one that I am featuring in today's post.


Boyfriend Shirt [Mix & Match]

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I have been eyeing my husband's gingham shirt since I moved in with him. He never wears it but for some reason, it is still hanging in his closet. So, today I was in a hurry and went into his closet and saw it there hanging. I grabbed it and just wore it without thinking.

Floral Blazers Under $40

Flowers are in full bloom right now, as you may see! Weather is just amazing in San Antonio and everyone is getting ready for Fiesta! You can say it really feels like spring. Since Fiesta is around the corner and the weather is perfect, I decided to wear my floral blazer. Plus, I look festive!  (Fiesta is a huge deal in San Antonio).

Vintage Shopping [Steal]

I have been wanting to thrift/vintage shop for a while. I guess watching Nasty Gal inspired me. I used to do it all the time when I was in college. Nowadays we buy everything online and makes your life easier. But sometimes it's fun to go treasure hunting. I will share with you my experience and some tips in case you are thinking about doing it too!

Spring Obsessions [Splurge vs Steal]

Spring Dress, Spring Obsessions, Splurge vs Steal, wrap dress outfit

You all know that I LOVE finding "STEALS" but I also think that when you really like an item you should SPLURGE! I am not going to lie, 90% of the time I shop the steals! Today is not the exception! I listed all my Spring Obsessions and created a Steal vs Splurge chart. I will let you decided whether you want to splurge or get the steal! Since I am wearing several items from the chart I will also review them.

Bachelorette Party Guide Las Vegas [Travel]

Last time I was in Vegas I was 26, single and full of energy. Five years later many things have changed. I am 33, married and not so full of energy. I could say I can't keep up with my younger self anymore. 

Mix Prints [Polka Dots and Stripes]

I have been wanting to wear an outfit with mix prints for a while. When I started looking for combinations I realized I do not have that many prints in my closet. My mother taught me to keep it simple and buy solid colors so they can last longer and mix and match easily.

Wrap Dress [Mix & Match]

I can't wait for spring weather to get here! The weather in San Antonio has been cool but no sun. It rains almost every day. Which is ok, but I will soon get depressed if the sun doesn't come
out.  To make my life a little warmer I started taking out all my sandals and spring dresses. I found this dress that I have only worn two times.

Burgerteca [Eat]

A few weeks ago my coworkers and I decided to try out Burgerteca. One of them read a bad review from the SA Express-News, so instead of not going, we decided to judge it by ourselves. Hey, there is no bad publicity.

Trench Coats under $100 [Steal]

Spring is almost here and that means rainy weather. A trench coat is a classic staple you should have in your closet.

Layered Lace Top

Layered Lace Top, Layering, Lace Top, Layered Lace Top Outfit, How to use a sheet lace top
I read somewhere that FASHION is what you buy, but STYLE is what you do with it. That has been stuck in my head for a while and it encouraged me to mix and match different items and use what I have in my closet. I have always had the idea that with some good basics in your closet, you can have endless options.

Lentils for Lent [Eat]

I can't believe Lent starts so early this year, the same day as Valentine's!  That means meatless Fridays. Although I have mentioned before that my diet is 80/20; 80% vegetarian and 20% eat whatever I want. Sometimes I have no idea what to cook, so I like to share with you guys all the meals that I have mastered and that you can make during Lent.

Hearts, Polka-Dots and Velvet for Valentine's [Steal]

This will be my first Valentine's day as a married woman. Usually, my husband surprises me with flowers or chocolates and I surprise him with some artisan beer or with his favorite candy and stay home. Although this year will not be any different, I wanted to share with you an outfit idea. Also, the huge steal I found.

Vintage Silk Scarf [Mix & Match]

My vintage silk scarf obsession started back when I was in college. I remember going for the first time thrift shopping and wanting to buy everything! I had a part-time job at a juice bar and during my breaks from class and work, I would go downtown to the thrift stores to hunt for treasures! I bought coats, old handbags, clutches, sometimes vintage dresses or tops and of course tons of silk scarves. I used to have more than 50 but when I moved out of my parents' house my mom got rid of many of them.

Wide Leg Pants [Mix & Match]

Remember I told you guys that I wanted to save money by being more creative with my closet? Well, this weekend I had an idea! I am going to start a new section under STEALS called "Mix & Match". I will be featuring an item from my closet and wear it three times in a row, every time creating a different outfit. This is a win-win situation! I will be using my clothes more often and you guys will have different ideas on how to mix & match an item.


Removable Faux Fur Collar [Steal]

I have been wanting a denim jacket with faux fur for a while! Although I have seen many on sale, none caught my attention. For this year one of my resolutions is to save money and be more creative. Do I really need a denim jacket with fur, when I already have both items in my closet?

Birthday Perks at Kendra Scott [Steal]

I will be turning 33 on Sunday! I love my birthday month because I get tons of perks and freebies! Actually, last year I posted about Birthday Freebies [Eat] click the link if you want to check them out.

Black and Pearls to Start the Year [Steal]

I am starting this 2018 wearing all black! I love wearing cozy sweaters during winter rather than layering up like an onion. I bought this cute balloon sleeve sweater at Boohoo. I just noticed I got the petite size, no wonder it fits cropped! But I like it! I feel sometimes long ones make me look shorter. 

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